Our Vision

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries in India are growing. We saw record growth in exports, and as emerging markets continue to evolve, demand continues to exceed capacity. Process Chemicals continues to dominate the market, and we hold our growth across all of our products, including Calcium D-Saccharate, Nikethamide, and Iodoform. Our goal is to deliver a quality product in a timely manner by empowering our workforce to give our customers 100% satisfaction. Our excellent facilities, dedicated labour, and experienced management ensure that we are well positioned to continue to being number one.

We continue to be conscious of costs. Furthermore, the worldwide unstable political environment and its implications on international trade and regulation is something we must continue to monitor closely.

Process Chemicals is also dedicated to environmental sustainability, and it is important to us that as we grow our business, we adhere to safety and environmental guidelines, and are mindful of the communities. We focus on developing local workforces through on the job training periodically. This continues to be a key part of our mission; we are not only here to serve India, but the immediate community of West Bengal in which we live and prosper.